Great Exercises to fight the NFL Sunday Weight Gain

It’s football season and you got to burn off those beer, liquor, hot dog and burgers.
FINALLY, football is back! League Pass and Redzone are on deck from pregame to postgame every Sunday till February! If you’re like most a little or a lot, of beer, burgers and chips are on deck most Sundays too. This can mess up your progress at the gym, or even prevent you from even starting! Not to worry EvoFit Club has got you covered, first I have to note food is not evil so enjoy, however this should be done predominantly IN MODERATION. In regards to alcohol the reality is that there are very little benefits to doing, but that ain’t the point. Stay easy with the
booze no one benefits from booze overload. Enjoy your Sundays as you deserve it and try this simple routine to help keep your metabolism going on Sundays.
These are great exercises for feeling like you’re part of the team. Pike push ups are great for those hips. That exercise will definitely help lose that beer belly. Feet elevated push ups are a great core workout. Bodyweighted staggered squats are great for the gluts and legs. Bodyweighted jump squats are great for a leg day. Sprints are a great drill to increase your speed. All these exercises are good for getting into shape for the football season. There no better time to start than now.
Modified Pike Pushup are great because they get your core involved in both isometrically and actively to help maintain flat abs. Try doing 3 sets of 15-20 of these to feel your chest and abs light up.
Hit your lower body with explosive 2 Point Stance Squats feel like Clay Matthews about to take off on the blitz. Do 3 sets of 25 on each leg.
Incline Pushups will help you keep your delts and upper pecs pumped up this season so knockout 3 sets of 20. Next feel like OBJ on a fly route by doing In Place Sprints, these are excellent for shedding your abs do 3 sets of 30 seconds.
20 rep – Modified Pike Pushup
25 rep – 2 Point Stance Jump Squats
20 rep – Incline Pushup
30 sec – In Place Sprint
Rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 times

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