What’s up with my CALVES? Why won’t they grow?

Where did the calf workouts go? Nothing crushes your gym flow like seeing a built upper body, thick quads and then two toothpicks laughing at you. It doesn’t make sense, you do hundreds of calf raises plenty of variations and still seemingly nothing to show LITERALLY! After all that work you have ask yourself why won’t my Calves grow?

calf workouts

Let’s break down some IMPORTANT factors to help your Calf development. Firstly your calfs primary function is to keep your body in an upright position, this is important because this will indicate a that your calfs are composed of primarily SLOW TWITCH fibers. Slow twitch fibers are built for endurance as you can tell by the high volume of calf raises you can do. More on that in a moment.

Skinny calves have a proclivity  for the muscles to be tendon dominant with a shorter muscle belly which insert higher up in their lower leg. This in turn appears as very skinny ankles and stalk like lower limbs, and more tendon fibers equals less muscle fibers to work with from the outset.

The other reason is GENETICS, some people are predisposed to skinny calves, or being a hardgainer. Also the amount of  Androgen Receptors in the calfs are very low, this is important since testosterone interacts directly with the androgen receptors. And those slow twitch fibers, they grow at HALF the rate of Fast Twitch fibers, increasing the time it takes to see results from calf exercises.

After considering the factors above, the best strategies for going for calf aesthetics are 1. Use Full Range of Motion (ROM) without locking out your joints or resting at the bottom of your calf raises, Make Each Rep Count. 2. Use a slower controlled tempo for each rep 2:2:1 will do. 3. Eliminate bouncing motions from your sets at all costs. 4. Do 8-12 reps at moderate to heavy (FOR YOU) weight. Using these strategies will insure that you create growth potential at the muscles themselves verses thickening of your tendons.

A good routine is as follows: using a tempo of 2 seconds down, 2 Pause at the bottom without resting/locking, 1 sec explode and contract fully.

http://telegra.ph/Kupit-BARCELONA-Novomichurinsk-04-10 Calf Workouts

  • source Seated Machine Calf Raise 4 x 12
  • source site Standing Machine Calf Raise 4 x 12
  • Dumbbell Toe Raises 4 x 12    

Remember use appropriate weight that you can do the exercises the right way and at the same time take your calfs to their limits. And be sure to stretch your calfs thoroughly as tight calfs will hamper any development you’re looking for!






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EVOFITCLUB – Thanksgiving Fitness Training

Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner with Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, and Corn

So, you stuffed your face on Thanksgiving, and now you feel stretched to capacity like a float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s time to get back on the wagon and traditional cardio just won’t do! Luckily we’ve put together a cardio routine guaranteed to burn more than 300 calories and have you feeling slimmer i n less than 30 minutes:

evofitclub, fitness, trainer, nyc

(Do as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes)

– 50 Jumping Jacks

– 20 Prisoner Squats
– 10 Pushups
– 25 High Knees

(Breather if needed)
– 15 Burpees
– 15 Crunches
– 15 Pushups
– 1 Minute Wall Sit (Active Rest Exercise)
– 10 Pushups
– 10 Crunches
– 10 Burpees

(Breather if needed)
– 30 Jumping Jacks

– 15 Prisoner Squats
– 5 Push Ups
– 25 High Knees

(Breather if needed)



Happy Holidays

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Workout for Mothers – Lose Baby Fat – EVOFIT Trainers NYC

lose baby fat, nyc, trainer, fitness, evofitclub, home trainer, yoga, weight lifting, long island, new jersey, hoboken

Hey moms, you want to lose baby fat?

You have no time for the gym and you don’t want to leave your baby at daycare? Like all moms you want to be the best mother you can be, so leaving your baby with a stranger may not be an option. Lucky for you the EvoFit Team has curated some creative and fun exercises for you to get in shape and engage your newborn all at the same time!

Here are exercises that you can do with you child.  First let’s start with the Chest Press it’s a great exercise for your pectoral and anterior deltoid muscles. Hold your baby safe with two hands around their waist and lift your baby from your chest slowly into the air above your chest. Do this exercise ten times.

Next will target your medial deltoid muscles with the Shoulder press. Hold your baby safe between your hands at their waste. While standing up tall lift your baby from your chest slowly into the air above your head. Do this exercise ten times

Knee In and Out. While laying on your back, bend your knees 90 degrees with your feet off of the floor. Safely rest your baby on your shins, and hold onto their hands. Slowly extend your legs away from you, and slowly bring your knees back into chest. Holding on to your baby’s hands the entire time. Repeat the movement 10 times, this one will really fire up your abs and wow your baby!

Squats are a must and one of the best leg and glute exercises out there. Hold your baby facing away from you, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Bend at your knees to squat as low as you can safely, and then squeeze your glutes tight to stand. Do this exercise 10 times.

Climb the Stairs, this a great exercise to target your quadriceps muscles. Hold your baby safe and secure while slowly walking up and down the stairs for 5-10 repeats depending on your fitness level.

These exercises will definitely help you trim your waist, arms and legs, all while spending quality time with your favorite workout partner, your baby will love this routine too!

For more workouts you can do with your baby!